Client Satisfaction Survey

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I am satisfied with the services that I receive.*


If I had other choices, I would get services from this agency.*


When contacting this agency, I am treated with respect.*


Staff members are willing to see me as often as necessary and make time for me as needed.*


My phone calls are returned in a timely manner.*


Staff members assist me in setting goals and believe I can meet these goals.*


I understand what case management services are available to me.*


Staff members provide referrals to me for resources that I may need.*


I understand there is a grievance process, if needed.*


Staff respects my confidentiality.*


If needed, staff provides me with resources and education on how to reduce risky behaviors.*


Staff members are able to answer questions that I have regarding the services that I receive.*


I am overall happy with the services that I receive from this agency.*


Provide the 3 services you receive from this agency and are most happy with.*


Provide at least one thing that could be improved by this agency.*


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